What is Safe Access Now

Protecting Medical Marijuana Patients and Caregivers

Under California state law, SB 420 (HS 11362.7) , local cities and counties are empowered to adopt medical marijuana possession and garden guidelines, so long as the per patient. amounts are greater than 8 ounces of dried female marijuana flowering tops plus 12 immature or 6 mature cannabis plants. Safe Access Now (SAN) promotes reasonable guidelines for medical marijuana patients to be presumed in compliance with voter-approved Prop 215 (HS 11362.5) , also known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996.

Several localities have adopted guidelines based on those proposed on this site. The factual basis for SAN offers a rational basis criminal defense for reasonable dosages and “Sea of Green” gardens. Our proposal is based on the Sonoma County Garden Guidelines adopted by District Attorney Michael Mullins. These were the first amounts to be based on actual scientific research by the US government. The research has been compiled and summarized by court-qualified cannabis expert Chris Conrad . We have local point persons in various counties who work with community residents to get a SAN Resolution adopted by their City Council or County Board of Supervisors.

This proposal is designed to save tax money and make enforcement of California marijuana laws easier for police officers by providing a simple way to measure a garden or supply of medicine and quickly determine if there is presumed compliance within community standards. We encourage people to work with local sheriffs and district attorneys, as well.

Read more about this project on this website. Many items can be downloads as PDF files you can print and present to others to advance this discussion.

Thank you,

Chris Conrad and Ralph Sherrow, Safe Access Now

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  1. Eric Johnson says:

    Hi, Chris, first of all I have never met you, but want to thank you for all of your activism. My name is Eric Johnson and I am on the board of directors at Phoenix Norml. A little bit about me, I have been a cannabis activist for 12 years now. What got me into my long career of activism was (which I just found out) your Shattered Lives Display. I grew up in Chicago, and when i went to my first fest back in the mid 90s, every story I read pissed me off more and more. I wanted to bring the display down to all of our fests that we have in Phoenix. How much would it cost? as us being a non-profit our funds are on the low side. I’m personally willing to contribute out of my own pocket….In Chicago we set up the Display as a corridor, it was so moving and powerful. I wanted to bring that here. If you can get at me with an estimate in obtaining the entire collection of the display I would great appreciate it and always Free the Weed.

    Thank you,

    Eric Johnson
    Board of Directors
    Phoenix Norml

  2. psi clarke says:

    can i get help in the uk if so can yougive me sum detals i jioned cana-med-ca and thay will post to the uk is this right i can buy 7g,14g 28g is this true or not i dont no

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