Out of Date Information: City Policies

The information on this page is not likely to be current and some is definitely out-of-date, due to all the changes that have occurred in the past few years. This page is stored as an archive of policies circa early 2011.

For information about current policies, please visit California Norml’s website.

Cannabis guidelines adopted by California cities

City of Arcata

Ordinance: ID card system maintained by Chief of Police. 10 plants + 2 # dried.

City of Berkeley

Measure JJ passed by voters: Qualified patients may possess and cultivate medical cannabis in their residence or on their property in compliance with BMC Chapter 12.26 governing medical cannabis protocols, as amended by this initiative, without securing a use permit.

Quantity: Nothing in this Section shall authorize any individual, organization, affiliation, collective, cooperative or other entity to (1) cultivate or possess a quantity of medical cannabis that is inappropriate for the personal medical need of the patient(s) for whom it is intended; or (2) cultivate or possess any quantity of cannabis for non-medical purposes. (Ord. 6620-NS § 1, 2001)

Visible gardens: Any medical cannabis collective or Collectives that cultivate medical cannabis plants outdoors (excluding secure rooftops or balconies that are not visible from other buildings or land) or in any place that is visible with the naked eye from any public or other private property, can only cultivate 10 such plants at one time on a single parcel or adjacent parcels of property.

Click here to download as PDF.

Former ordinance repealed by voters: Up to 10 plants and 2.5 lbs per patient; collectives up to 50 plants and 12.5 lbs total at any given time. Caregiver amounts calculated on the above numbers per patient served.

City of Oakland

Ordinance: Indoors — Up to 72 plants with up to 32 square feet of canopy and 3 # dried bud. Caregiver amounts calculated on the above numbers per patient served. Outdoors — 20 plants at any stage of development and 3 # dried bud.

Effective June 1, 2004: Collectives not to exceed three patient members. Only four licensed dispensaries to be allowed by the City. Dispensaries limited to 8 ounces and 6 mature plus 12 immature plants per patient member at any given time. No on-site consumption allowed.

Original policy from 1998: Outdoors – 30 mature plants (60 if less than 30 are flowering); Indoors 144 — 48 mature plants + 96 immature vegetative and/or 1.5 # or 6 # (if patient grew).

City of San Diego

Still in development: Current version 9/17/03: Adult marijuana patients with the approval of a San Diego County doctor may keep up to 1 pound of marijuana and grow up to 24 plants. Under the measure, caregivers can keep up to 2 pounds of marijuana and grow up to 48 plants for as many as four patients.The ordinance must come back for a final vote, as a procedural matter, to be enacted.

City of San Jose

No quantity limits are established. Officers will not cite or arrest physicians, primary caregivers, or patients possessing or using marijuana for legitimate medicinal purposes in accordance with 11362.5 H&S. Standards of reasonableness in deciding enforcement issues are similar to those in needle or drug possession cases where a prescription is claimed or in a gun possession case where a permit is claimed. It should be kept in mind that mere oral approval by the physician is all that is necessary to comply with the law. Standards of probable cause for a vehicle search, person search, arrest, or a search warrant request should take into account known facts regarding the permitted uses of marijuana under Proposition 2

City of Santa Cruz

No quantity guidelines; city ordinance regulates cannabis clubs, allows physician’s diagnosis for recommendation.

City of Santa Rosa

Ordinance: Safe Access Guidelines, same as the County of Sonoma. For more information, contact Sonoma Alliance for Medical Marijuana.

City of Sebastopol

Ordinance: Safe Access Guidelines, same as the County of Sonoma. For more information, contact Sonoma Alliance for Medical Marijuana; letter to DA asks to protect patients with 4.5# and 150 square feet of garden canopy.

On 3/17/09, in an unanimous vote Sebastopol City Council approved the following four changes to the Medical Marijuana Dispensing Ordinance: 1. Extend hours of operation to 9 pm from 8 pm, Sunday through Thursday and 7 pm, Friday and Saturday; 2. Add the use of the California State Medical Marijuana Identification card and Patient ID Center Identification card as proof of patient status; 3. Remove the 30 immature plant limitation from retail sales; 4. Allow 150 sq. ft. for display and sale of medical use devices

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  1. Hello your site has what i was looking for . Excellent work with your blog by the way .

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  3. Eric says:

    Great site.. Just wondering how up to date it is. I am moving to cali in a few months and am looking for as much info as i can get… thx eric

    • san_admin says:

      The information on local guidelines is very out of date, at least two years behind. I would not rely on it. It is really an historical record at this point. The basic rule of 6/12 plants and 8 ounces of processed bud or hash is relatively safe statewide. If you plan to do more than that, the next rule is that it has to be a reasonable amount. Unfortunately, a cop, DA, judge and / or jury may not find things as reasonable as the patient or provider, so extreme caution is the rule.

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