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  1. Yvette says:

    how do i become a caregiver for medical marijuana for someone who can not take care of his own medicine? please get back to me

    • san_admin says:

      The patient you would provide to needs to get a doctor’s approval, you have to verify it, they have to appoint you their designated caregiver. You should do something extra for them, like taking them to the doctor — unless you are a patient. In that case all you need is to verify their approval and put it in writing, signed, that you are growing as a medical marijuana collective association.

  2. Yvette says:

    What are the guidelines where can i find them?

    How many plants can i have on my property if i have 2 persons with permits and in wheelchairs can cant take care of them?

    And how much dried medicine can i have on my property if it’s for two permits?

    • san_admin says:

      The best place to read about local guidelines is on the California NORML website, http://www.caNorml.org. The ones on this website are out-of-date until someone volunteers to update them again for us. Using the statewide minimum quantities, two patients can have 12 mature OR 24 immature plants and up to a pound of bud at any given time without fear of arrest. If patients have more than that, they still have a legal defense but are not necessarily immune from arrest or prosecution, so they may have to prove in court that it is reasonable. So, obviously, 12 very large plants might be seen as excessive, even though it is within the guidelines, and in that case you still might be arrested and have to get a judge to dismiss the charges under an “entrapment by Estopel” defense argument that the law led you to believe that any amount was legal as long as it came from six plants each. But who wants to fight it in court? Just stay in the low numbers when possible and if your plants start getting too big, prune them back or harvest early. That would be a safer approach to a patient garden. Good luck.

  3. Ed Fletcher says:

    I’m a reporter with The Bee. I’d like to talk to someone about a local city proposing a ban out the outdoor cultivation of medical marijuana. I’m on deadline today. The city if Roseville Ca.

  4. Anthony Castro-Leon says:

    last year i was a medical patient and my card expired on the 28th of November when faced with the choice of renewing my medial licence or buying Christmas presents for my family i bought presents and was arrested on the sixth of January for felony transporting and served two weeks before getting OR and immediately got another medical card but i still am fighting the felony is there anything that i can do or should i accept the plea bargain. please if there is any advice to help my situation maybe a specific code or a court ruling that can help me i would appreciate it

  5. Robyn j.Bollay says:

    High my name is Robyn& Im interested in becoming involved as a rights advocate. I live in tustin /santa ana< off 55fwy& Mcfadden.Im on Hud housing voucher for (shelter+care)under section 811 housing~ for disabled. HUD,orange county housing authority, orange county health care& MHA personal care coordinator- All have a copy of my medical Rx for cannabis, under the the McKinney law 1976 for disabled will not b denied.Im going back to school @ 50yrs old, to become a advocate for disabled veterans. The right to housing & ingesting marijuana for them is not a reality yet.HUD's denial of hud vouchers to homeless vets ,because they do legal marijuana. they like millions of others are on DRUGS(medication)causing them more harm than good!!!! my cell # (949)354-7299. I have a diagnosis of: cushings disease, pacemaker, spinal stenosis, hypothyroidism,high blood pressure,asthma, had lower back operated on 5/10 & i only take 5 medications since ive been on cannabis for 3yrs. now & gotten off over 10 DRUGS. LET THERE BE BLESSING OF GREEN UNTO OUR world to heal us!

  6. connie marrocola beeler says:

    my name is connie.ive been smoking marijauna for severe chronic pain for 25 years.ive spent 3 years in prison 1st offense for maijauna.do you know that women that killed there babies got out earlier than i did.i very much want to get involved as a advocate because i do have a story to tell that might help.i was working as a paramedic when i blew my back out and 3 surgeries later im fused from c4 to s1 with 28 screws and 2 rods.they were more than happy to give me this drug or that one that are bad drugs and taken off the market cause they can kill you.i moved to nevada thinking i would be all right sense its medically legal.what a joke.it cost anywhere from 500$ and a 1,000$ to get your card.after a wait of several weeks.and then its ill legal to buy it.no dispensarys.nada.im getting ready to move to northern cal after 1st of year.i would like to do whatever i can do for the cause.im also a hell of a grower and when i move i know no one in northern cal so i need partners or friends to help me start my dream.i spent 3 yrs dreaming and planning on this.i hoped nevada would be the place but im afraid its many years behind.you know whats so bad is i beleive its the one thing if done right could save our economy .thank you connie marrocola beeler only one on fb.

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