How to qualify as a medical marijuana patient

This resource is meant to assist patients in states with medical marijuana laws. Each states’ medical marijuana law is different, and some can be quite complex. Please read the guide for your state of residence in order to stay safe and legal.

See also ASA’s section on state, federal and local statutes and case law concerning medical marijuana.

Becoming a Patient in Alaska

Becoming a Patient in California

Becoming a Patient in Colorado

Becoming a Patient in Hawaii

Becoming a Patient in Maine

Becoming a Patient in Maryland

Becoming a Patient in Montana

Becoming a Patient in Nevada

Becoming a Patient in Oregon

Becoming a Patient in Vermont

Becoming a Patient in Washington

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  1. Margaret says:

    I have a stream-lined juicer to make raw cannabis juice from my garden in the back yard, and I think it’s only very good. The taste is very strong; I like to drink it with apple sauce or maybe with milk, it is advisable to change it out right off or juice might drain about your kitchen counter. The weird thing is that it doesn’t make me high or anything, so I’m taking all the same risks as if I was growing to smoke it but without the psychoactive effect. I hope the medicinal value is worth it. So far I’m not sure I feel any real difference, but I”m not treating an infirmity, I’m just doing it for good health. Lucky for me I have a nice protected yard to keep my garden safe. I’m going through a really lot of weed and don’t know how I’m going to get through the winter after the growing season ends. I wish there was a farmers’ market where I could pick it up in bulk like wheat grass.

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