SAN model guideline

The basic elements of the proposed SAN Garden Guidelines

Law enforcement shall presume compliance with HS 11362.5 (Prop 215) and make no arrest when a California patient presents authentication of their physician’s recommendation and they are found to possess:

Up to three pounds of manicured cannabis bud per patient per year.

Up to 100 square feet of garden canopy (the actual area covered by the leaves) per patient.

No more than 99 plants, contained within the canopy square footage (so that patients can use sea of green or conventional garden techniques).

Patients who need more may receive a physician’s note that will exempt them from the above.

A caregiver may provide for more than one patient and may be remunerated for their work when they provide authentication for the number of patients they assist.

5 Responses to SAN model guideline

  1. Lisa says:

    What are the specific rules/regs for the number of plants a patient in Oceanside can have? Where do I find my LOCAL (city) regs? please advise….Thanks!

  2. D.Medina says:

    Please dont try this in San Diego the district attorney bonnie dumbass dumanis will has a special relationship with law enforcement that ignores prop. 215. If you want to go to prison for 5 years just grow 6 plants in san diego most people who registar with health department get their tiny gardens raided and prosecuted.

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  4. san_admin says:

    Dispensaries are not required to get their material from any particular source. In the People v Urziceanu, the collective was selling cannabis it grew and some it bought on the illegal market to provide to patients, and the court ruled the participants all had a legal defense. Most collectives do obtain cannabis from its members, however, if the quality is sufficiently high. You should talk with them. Some, like Harborside Health Center, won’t obtain from members until they go through an orientation program. Others take medicine on consignment and you would not be compensated until it has been obtained by other members. So, again, I suggest you discuss this with the collectives of which you are a member, because they will help you have a legal defense in court. If police come by to “inspect” your location for “compliance,” don’t tell them anything except 1) you are a qualified patient, 2) the garden is for medical purposes and 3) you wish to talk to an attorney before making any other statements. Remember, cops don’t come to your garden to help you, they want to send you to prison and they are legally allowed to lie to you and trick you into making incriminating statements. Never say anything until you talk with an attorney. Good luck.

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